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Universal/FAL Fans

  Flex-A-Lite Fan Owners

Has your VSC controller let you down? Not to fear, we have you covered as well. Our harness layout is a direct replacement for the Flex-A-Lite fans. No more probes, switches or headaches with the added ability of PCM controlled Flex-A-Lite fans.

hese harnesses are universal and can be used for any dual electric fan set up that uses 2 speed motors. They will come tagged for you to use your existing fan plugs. It dose not have plug ends and therefore, it WILL NOT WORK WITH LS1 F body or 05 Truck/SUV fans. 

The Second Generation
1999-2005 GM Truck/SUV PCM Controlled* Dual Electric Fans Harness Are HERE!


  • Longer Connection Terminals
  • Dual 40 amp Fuses, no more fuse link.
  • 900* Molex Nickel Plated Steel Connecting Rings
  • Added Ground for less resistance

*You must have your PCM activated or tuned to take advantage of the trouble free OEM operations of the fans. By doing so the fans will operate in your truck exactly as they do in the Corvette, Camaro and Firebird. The fans will have the ability to operate in 2 fans high, 2 fans low and a single fans high depending on the demand read by the PCM.

Alternator Overdrive Pulleys

By installing our 52 mm O.D. Pulley(just 5 mm smaller than stock) We can increase alternator idle out put slightly to help with the extra amp draw electric fans put on the charging system. Without the worry of premature wear on the alternator itself.

$24.99 Shipped FREE!

Dont see your application? Needing a custom set up for the street, strip or import? Feel free to send us an Email with any questions or concerns you may have HERE.

       Harness Construction

Every harness we build is crimped, soldered, shrink wrapped and loomed to look stealth, seemless and appear as though its factory OEM product.
We EXCLUSIVELY use OEM Delphi and Delco weather pack connectors, trigger pins, plug, and the heaviest duty, highest amp rating(40/60a) Automotive Micro relays available. All this is to last for years of trouble free operation and give you piece of mind.  

Every connection is tagged making installation a breeze for very low level of difficulty even for those with minimal mechanical experience.

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